Mohammad Fahmi Passes Away at 32

The Southeast Asian video game industry suffered a major loss today following the death of Mohammad Fahmi

the creator of Toge Productions’ Coffee Talk and the upcoming Afterlove EP. He was 32.

News of his untimely passing was revealed on the game designer’s Twitter account in a tweet written by his sister in Bahasa Indonesia.

Fans and various members of the Southeast Asian gaming industry paid their respects and expressed their condolences on social media.

Born on January 29 1990, Fahmi began his gaming career at Gameloft as a programmer and designer.

He soon made a career shift as a writer and was later appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Games department of Tech In Asia Indonesia before joining Toge Productions.

During his tenure as the Marketing And Public Relations Manager at Toge Productions, he conceived the idea to develop Coffee Talk

which has since become one of the company’s most successful games.

Soon after, Fahmi opened his own gaming studio, Pikselnesia, which went on to release What Comes After and is set to release Afterlove EP.

Fahmi’s cause of death could not be confirmed as at the time of writing,

but according to Toge Productions, he had been suffering from asthma.

IGN Southeast Asia reached out to the game developers who have known Fahmi throughout his career.

They also shared their fondest memories of rising star in the Southeast Asian video game industry.

“Fahmi was a hugely talented developer with a sharp writing style and a gift for channeling the mundanity of daily life into something magical in his games.

He was also a sweet and friendly person who was loved and respected by the indie game community.

Rest in peace, my friend,” said IGN Japan Chief Editor Daniel Robson.