Insurance Software for Agents

Insurance Software for Agents: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 there were over six million insurance agents and brokers.

In addition, this number is expected to increase by about four percent annually for the next few years. For agents who are struggling with the demands of being an independent agent, or those who are trying to find software that will help them grow their business quickly and easily, there are many new options available while saving time and money.


The following list provides ten software products that can be used to automate insurance tasks while also maximizing revenue opportunities for agents. This list includes a broad overview as well as specific links so you can get more detailed information on each solution.

Top ten auto insurance software for agents:

Insurance Software for Agents
Insurance Software for Agents

1-Aboni (see below) Complete Auto Theft Protection program ($99 a year, minimum purchase required) Agoda Car Insurance (see below) NetSurance Auto Insurance (see below) Ensure Auto Insurance Quote and Appointment Management Software ($199 per year or $99 for life and accident protection, with a free trial available at IntelliView Agent InTouch Premium ($249 per year or $399 for two years; see details below).

2-Aboni Automobile Loss Damage Protection Program ($99 a year, minimum purchase required). This program will replace your current insurance policy that is no longer needed. Each program comes with a complete set of policies in full coverage, liability, and collision coverage. You have the option of an annual premium or prorated monthly premium (which decreases the price of insurance to $29.95 per month).

3-Aboni Auto Insurance Quote and Appointment Management Software ($199 per year or $99 for life and accident protection). This software is designed exclusively for agents to automate insurance tasks such as creating a new policy or calculating an agent’s commission. It uses a barcode scanner to scan all manual policy forms that you will be needing. In addition, you can create multiple policies at one time with different types of coverage as well as general information.

4-IntelliView Agent InTouch Premium is an agent-based system that helps agents to run their business. It allows agents to enter in the information they need before contacting a customer and it also shows all of the information they have entered. This program uses built-in reports so that you can report on your statistics daily without creating any additional documents.

5-Agoda Car Insurance provides custom auto insurance needs for drivers of Asian cars or those who drive more than one car in their fleet. This program is offered and distributed by the government of Singapore. As an agent, you would be able to get better deals on car insurance for your clients or yourself including free online quotes and monthly billing. You can learn more about this program at

6-NetSurance Auto Insurance is a company that sells insurance directly to consumers rather than through independent agents like most traditional auto insurers do. insurance is a “no-frills” auto insurance program that charges $199.00 annually for their policy. This can result in significant savings for customers, regardless of their driving history or vehicle type. Their customer service is handled primarily on an online basis and the company will pay a claims payment through direct billing to the customer each month. This service has become very popular with young drivers as well as those who are looking to protect classic automobiles or earn money by protecting cars for friends and family members.

7-Insureme Auto Insurance Quote and Appointment Management Software (see above) created by is a solution that you can use to create a quote for your customers or to schedule appointments. This system allows you to select the type of coverage and whether or not your customers have other insurance companies that they need coverage for. You can also provide online quotes for your clients so that they do not have to worry about printing out their own policy.

8-Alliance IQ is a company that provides software applications for agent operations. They were created in 2012 by a group of employees who worked at the Alliance Group, an insurance brokerage firm in Buffalo, New York since 1994. The group is responsible for developing both digital and mobile-based products and providing life cycle management solutions to multiple insurance products and businesses.

9-VIV (see below) is the product of a company called VIVa. They are a Canadian company that helps agents as well as online marketplaces to utilize their technology. VIVa is a company that helps to overcome some of the challenges with insurance sales by giving agents more information about what coverage their clients have, how they are paying for their policy, and how it compares to similar policies in the area they live in. They also keep track of all information your customers give when signing up for your policy including photos of cars or motorcycles that must be insured, whether they drive on public roads or only on private property, driving history, driver’s license etc.

10-TimeSaver is a company that helps customers find the best insurance companies to work with when purchasing auto insurance. They have created a solution that makes it easier for consumers to compare policies and find the cheapest quotes available. They have developed technology to help agents prioritize which auto insurance options are best for their customers so that you can send premiums directly to the companies that represent your clients in limited coverage states such as Florida and Texas.

These are some of the best software solutions in order of descending price. Better yet, each of these programs come with free member benefits, including free access to quotes from other companies, discounts on other products, and even access to training classes. In addition, if you are interested in switching your current business to one of these insurance companies, they will try to find a position for you with one of their brokerages; many of these companies also offer discounts for using their software programs.

If you would like a comprehensive list of car insurance companies that work with independent agents, check out this list from the Alliance Group at as well as this web site for auto insurance companies that are not affiliated with an agency at

VIV-Vehicle Information Viewer

VIV is a Canadian company that helps agents to find new customers by using a technology platform where you can view information about your clients or potential customers. It is available online and through an application for mobile devices. The program lets you see information regarding the coverage they have with car insurance companies as well as the specifics of their cars, including information like make, model, year, mileage, and any customizations like luxury features. This could help with finding better coverage for your client or it can make the process of buying a new policy much easier when you know all of the details about their current car insurance situation.

Alliance IQ

Alliance IQ is a company that provides agent with software applications for managing their business, including mobile apps. This solution helps agents with everything from acquiring new customers to signing them up for their policies, to sending them regular reminders about payments or renewals. They also include the option of online quoting and policy management for your customers as well as a system designed to help you consolidate all of your policies into one place which can save time and money in the long run. You can keep track of clients even if they move, change their insurance coverage or even if they die by tracking vehicle information and license plate numbers so that you will be notified by text messages when any policy changes are made.


VIVa is a Canadian company that was founded on the idea that insurance agents have to work harder to stay successful in today’s competitive market. This platform gives you all of the information you need to help you find new customers and earn more money. It helps you with insurance quoting, portfolio management, and marketing by providing information about your clients as well as the rate they are currently being charged for insurance and what companies it is coming from. Using this information, it can be easier for you to find out which companies offer better rates for your clients or even connect them with a different agent who might be able to give them a better rate.

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